Terms of Service

Terms of service:

  • The user will not attempt to disturb the connection or performance of any Thaero service or user.
  • The user will not attempt to derive any sensitive information from any Thaero service or user. (This includes phone numbers, addresses, etc...)
  • The user will not intentionally degrade the experience of any Thaero user.
  • Thaero and its team are not responsible for any damages caused by the user, or another user.
  • In the event of an illegal action, or cyber crime, Thaero will give full support and transparency to the case.

  • All purchases above $25 USD have a 30-day grace period. Refunds will be accepted within the 30 days for full price.
  • Thaero is responsible for ensuring all transactions receive their appropriate rewards, without exception.

For additional inquiries please e-mail [email protected]